4 Reasons to Visit the Michigan Theater

Michigan Theater

Located in Ann Arbor, the Michigan Theater is the perfect evening out for someone who loves culture, stunning design, and the arts.

Michigan Theater

1) The Barton Theater Pipe OrganTheater

A local treasure in Michigan, the Barton Theater Pipe Organ is the Michigan Theater’s original organ. From Monday to Thursday every week, you can visit the Theater to watch an evening movie and listen to the historical instrument being played throughout the show. Enjoy a real slice of history as you take in the sounds of one of the only Theater organs in existence that’s still played in its original home.

2) Support a Non-For-Profit Organization

Since 1979, the Michigan Theater has been a not-for-profit organization that strives to give back to the local and national community through supporting the preservation of other historical Theaters. It also supports education and cinema exhibitions through Art House. The Michigan Theater gives back to the community in any way it can, so you can enjoy the knowledge that when you buy a ticket, you’re supporting other important causes as well as seeing a fantastic show.

3) Brilliant Performances

Whether you’re a lover of ballet or Broadway, documentaries or dramas, there will be a show for you at the Michigan Theater. The organization strives to find top class artists to entertain the local population, and with a varied and exciting schedule, you’ll want to visit the Michigan Theater time and time again.

If you want to keep returning and enjoy a loyalty program, you are welcome to join the Michigan Theater Membership program. Members can access benefits such as discounted ticket prices and will join an exclusive group of 4000 families that all love the arts as much as they do.

4) Committed Michigan Theaterto Kids

If you want to get involved with a local community that supports children in their love for drama, you should visit the Michigan Theater with your kids. With family friendly theater and films, as well as an annual Young Filmmaker’s camp, the organization is finding lots of creative ways to involve children in artistic pursuits. This is a reason to visit the Michigan Theater that your whole family will love.

The Michigan Theater has been a pillar of the Ann Arbor community for years and is a wonderful place to get involved in the local arts scene. With all these reasons to visit the Michigan Theater, how long will it be until your next trip?

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