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Three Digital Marketing Tips for Musicians

There are two types of musicians: artists and commercial celebs. The first kind tries to express their artistic passion, while the second sells it. An artist creates a piece of music regardless of the market, but a commercial celeb puts his/her audience’s preference as the top priority.

However, both types of musician above still need to market their songs if they want to make revenues from their works. Besides, publishing a song is an act of marketing on itself. Why not do it in the best ways possible?

Securing Your Copyright

equalizer buttonsAll musicians want to be acknowledged for their works, but in this digital era, copyright piracy has become more rampant than ever. Information sharing is omnipresent. The means range from peer to peer sharing, cloud storage, and streaming platforms. If you are not aware of how the pirates distribute their loots, you will not know how to fight back.

First, we will begin with the most manageable one, the unauthorized uploads on streaming platforms. Three biggest platforms where people find many pirated creative contents are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram users can upload videos with unauthorized background tracks and still get away with it. YouTube has a stricter creative content regulation. Every time a creator embeds a track on a video, the platform’s algorithm evaluates the copyright status of the work. However, unauthorized uploads on YouTube do still occur.

To manage them, you can browse the title of your work and see if any results come up. Be creative with the keywords because sometimes the pirates are clever enough in concealing your work. If you find any unauthorized uploads, report them immediately. YouTube has the fastest response regarding copyright, while Facebook and Instagram may take a while to process.

Second, you can put a watermark in your works.

Optimizing Your Social Media Campaign

professional headphoneToday’s people believe what they see on the Internet. Recently, a rock band named Threatin managed to get a European tour with a fake marketing campaign. The management shared bogus footages of the band’s shows, fabricated a fan club, and had marketed the band nonstop for months before finally got a tour deal. If the fakes could pull it off, why can’t you?

The case above is evidence of how powerful Internet marketing is for a musician. First, you should start to get in touch with your audience through social media. Instagram and Twitter can be your sound options. Interact with people once in a while, but for most of the part, express your intention to reach your audience by selling them your merchandise. However, do not make the merchandise only about you. Combine it with social causes, such as environmental conservation, cancer awareness, and veteran care campaigns.

Collaborate with Others

cassettesA lone wolf dies alone quickly. Even if you want to express a high intensity of individuality in your works, it will be tremendously difficult for you to continue to exist without any support from other parties in the same field. If you collaborate with other artists, you expand your network.

Besides, seen from the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, creating a song with your name and another artist’s name enables you to boost your searchability and your partner’s by targeting Internet users who browse for either or both artists. It will be like a merging between two fans clubs.

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Services Offered by Social Media Companies

Social media services should be services that will cover all aspect of social media presence when it comes to any company. Social media for it to be successful it will not stand alone. It has to be the same with the goals that the company has so that the social media presence will be successful.

So if any company is seeking the social media services, they have to look for someone that will be able to give the company something that will fit with the goals that they have. Marketing Agency Edmonton offers professional internet marketing services. Below are some of the services that are offered by social media companies.

Social media strategy

strategy The social media strategy is road mapping the brand so that you will be able to get the awareness and engagement on social media. They will try and customize all the approaches they can put in place so that the company will reach their goals.

The social media strategy will involve things like the auditing of the social media presence that the company had, the goals, the audience they want to target and the approaches. The services will make sure that no matter the online presence that any company has the social media strategy will be getting the names known to their customers.

Community management service

Just by getting so many likes does not mean that the brand that any company will have will result in the social media marketing success. The community management service will work in making sure that the relationship that you have with your audience is strong, significant and they are more engaged. The community is the team that will make the better part of all customers in any company. The plan is listening to the needs that the customers have and coming up with strategies that will ensure that the customers’ needs are met.

Content development and distribution

content The content that will be posted on any social media platform must be relevant and valuable so that the impression that will be made on the customers will be lasting. Social media services will include the content development because the way any brand will distribute the content will be crucial.

It will be the one that will determine the kind of audience that will receive the message. It’s essential that the particular media content will be tailored so that it will be able to meet the right audience. The development will ensure that the post will be all about new trends.

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