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2016 SEO Trends

SEO is not the same way it was years ago. Consult SEO London to learn more. There are new trends that are coming up to give website better website ranking. Long gone are the days when web ranking used to be based on keyword alone.

In 2016, to be ranked well by the search engines, it is important to meet other requirements that were not there before. Search engine optimization is something that each website hopes to achieve for a better online presence.

Upcoming SEO trends in 2016

Mobile optimizationSEO Trends

Search engine optimization is not now only about web optimization but also mobile optimization. In the 21st century, people are now using a smart phone to accesses the website and it is important for every website to be mobile enabled.

For any website to rank well in 2016, it is important that it mobile optimized. Many websites have a mobile friendly site or a separate mobile app for their mobile users.

Videos in web content

Just like keywords are important for any web content, videos to have now become an important part of the websites. In the modern world, people are now looking for important content and something that they can better relate with. Viewing videos are easy to understand as well as memorable.

Websites that give video illustrations are more appealing to their readers compared to those that don’t give videos. This is why most search engines have options where you can search videos when looking for any content online.

Local SEO

People are now looking for goods and services near their location online. Years back, people used to focus on global SEO to make their products known on a global reach, but now people are back to SEO.

Local SEO is important to help people searching on the web for services that are near them. Businesses that want to be relevant in their surrounding area must adopt local SEO to make them known in the surrounding areas.

Voice searchSEO Trends

Just like video search, voice search is becoming an important trend for websites in 2016. People are now looking for a website that is whole inclusive containing all aspects that make it user-friendly. Web developers are now want to incorporate everyone into the web content.

They understand that there are blind people who might want to visit the website, and this means that the voice search feature is an important feature for them. Using voice search you can find what you are looking for faster compared to typing.

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